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Combo of 3 Layers Lucky Bamboo Plant & Aquastore Water Storing Granules 100 Grams with Free Glass Pot

Note about Natural Plant & Pot : The image displayed is for representation purpose.

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Going Greens 3 Layers Lucky Bamboo Plant with Free Glass Pot. People in all culture believes in positive energies which bring good luck. Certain things like a lucky bamboo plant enhance this flow of positive energy and thus keeping it in home or office offers you best results.A lucky bamboo plant belongs to the lily family “Dracaena Sanderiana”. But as it resembles bamboo more than lily, the bamboo word is attached to its name. As this plant showers good fortune, the word lucky is associated with its name. The condition is that you have to get it as a gift from others to reap some good luck.The major directions where you can place the lucky bamboo plant are East and South East.Lucky Bamboo plants signify the 5 major elements of life. Wood, earth, water, fire, and metal – all these elements are present in this plant and that’s why everything in life gains a balance. Going Greens Aquastore Water Storing Granules. Going Greens Aquastore are super absorbent polymer. When these granules come into contact with water they absorb it, swelling to form discrete particles of water-charged gel. Incorporated into soil (or compost) the polymer granules act as thousands of tiny reservoirs of water. Plant roots colonise these reservoirs of water-charged gel and can extract over 95% of the stored water as required, over an extended period of time. It helps prevent over and under watering. Daily watering is not required as these reduce water stress in plants by storing water near the plant roots enabling plants to draw on the water as they need it thereby maintaining moisture in soil. With Going Greens Aquastore you can travel freely without worrying to water your plants. Ideal for Indoor Outdoor Plants, Fruit Plants, Hanging plants, Bonsai and, Big Trees.

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