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Combo of Good Luck Money Plant and Snake Plant in Teracotta Plastic Pot

Note about Natural Plant & Pot : The image displayed is for representation purpose.

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According to the Feng Shui Principles money plants is one of the best plants to purify air which is polluted with synthetic chemicals from furniture and cleaning solutions. It energizes the home by filtering air and increasing oxygen inflow. According to Feng Shui experts recommend keepig one plant near each computer television or wifi router. Placing a money plant in front of a sharp corner or angle reduces anxiety and stress . It also helps avoid arguments and sleep disorders. Planting money plant inside the house brings goof luck. One of the top air purifying plants identified by NASA, Sansevieria (Snake plant) removes at least 107 known air pollutants, including carbon monoxide and nitrogen monoxide, formaldehyde, chloroform, benzene, xylene, and trichloroethylene among many others. Sansevieria also produces copious amounts of oxygen throughout the night, making it an excellent plant to keep in the bedroom.

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