Air purifying Boston Fern / Nephrolepis exaltata

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• NASA recommended top indoor air purifying plant

• Easy to grow with low maintenance requirements

• Versatile plant that can be kept in sunny or semi-shade environments

• Great plant for a green gift.

• It's cascading mass of fronds, create a waterfall like appearance as they hang from baskets or sits amongst taller shrubs.

• It is a reliable and easy care fern that purifies the air by removing formaldehyde.

• They thrive in warm and humid climates

• With good light and adequate humidity and Boston Ferns grow for many years.

• Water : Every alternate day. Soil should be moist at all times but not soggy/over watered.

• The leaf turning yellow is a sign of low humidity. To boost humidity, you can either spray a mist or group it with other houseplants as they add moisture to the air as they breathe. Care Instructions: Light: Ferns can be kept year round indoors where conditions can be controlled, but they should be moved inside during cold months. The Boston Fern is one of the most popular houseplants because it is very easy to care for once you understand its needs. Watering: Boston ferns should be watered regularly so the soil stays moist. However, ferns should not be overwatered, as this can make the fronds turn yellow. Make sure water can drain from the pot, and don't allow the pot to sit in water. If water runs through the soil to a collection tray, empty the tray. Fertilization: Because they naturally grow on forest floors where decaying plant matter makes for rich, loamy soil, Boston ferns do need fertile soil. However, most potting soil made for houseplants contains fertilizers, so you don't necessarily need to add fertilizer.

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