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Air Purifying Good Luck Golden Money Plant with Terracotta Pot

• Money plant is a Nasa approved air purifying plant and popular houseplant that is grown indoors.

• It is believed that having money plant at home brings good luck, happiness, wealth and prosperity.

• Money plants are evergreen climbers that can grow up to 20 m high, requiring no extensive care.

• They are very easy to grow, both in soil and water filled bottles, jars and any container.

• Money plant care is quite easy and needs no expertise.

• Vastu experts say plants activate positive energy in our day-to-day lives.

• They recommend planting money plants inside the house as they bring good luck. 

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Product details: Plant colour-Golden, Plant Hight-6" to 7", Pot Size: 4", Pot colour-Black OR. Terracotta colour.

Note about Natural Plant & Pot : The image displayed is for representation purpose. Actual product may vary in size and pot color will be either black or terracotta as per the availability

More Information
Care Instructions

Soil: Money plant prefers soil that allows better aeration and drainage. Mixing river sand with normal potting soil is a good way of ensuring good soil conditions for the plant.

Watering: Money plant flourishes when you water it adequately, but it can still thrive when you under water it.

Light: Money plant can grow well in direct sunlight as well as indoors, in low light.

Fertilizers: It is preferable to feed a money plant with liquid fertilizers during a watering session every few weeks.