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Air purifying Lady palm / Rhapis excelsa

Care Instructions :

Light : A Rhapis Palm grows best in bright indirect light but can adapt to lower light.

Water : Allow the top 50% of the soil of a Rhapis Palm to dry out before watering. A Rhapis palm is sensitive to chlorine, fluoride, and boron in the water. If these chemicals are present allow the water to sit for 24-48 hours before using it or use distilled water. Consistent over-watering causes root rot.

Fertilizer : Rhapis palms are slow-growing plants that need very little fertilizer. Feed a Lady Palm every other month with a basic houseplant food at 1/2-1/4 the recommended strength only when it's actively growing.

Temperature : The Rhapis Palm can adapt to temperatures between 20-100 degrees so it is well-suited to any home or office.

Humidity : Lady Palms can adjust to both dry and humid environments.

Soil : Plant a Rhapis in a well-drained dense soil and add additional humus if needed. African Violet soil works well. If the soil appears heavy and isn't draining quickly, add sand.

Note about Natural Plant & Pot: The image displayed is for representation purpose. Actual product may vary in size and pot color will be as per the availability.

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• The Lady Palm, is grown in the garden and used indoors in homes and offices around the world.

• It adapts to a wide range of climates, soils, and environments, making the “lady Palm” popular for many applications.

• The “Lady Palm” can grow to more than 14′ feet in height with clumps reaching enormous width, often having a diameter as wide as their height.

• Indoors Lady palm plant grow best in bright, indirect light near a window or skylight but is very adaptable to low light areas.

• It should be thoroughly watered by soaking or drenching the entire root system.

• They like their soil to stay moist. Drying the soil severely can cause the foliage to turn gray, and tips to burn.

• Rhapis are relatively slow-growing plants and need very little fertilizer.

• the “Lady Palm” plant can grow to more than 14’ feet in height. 

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