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Air purifying Philodendron / Philodendron bipinnatifidum

Care Instructions

Light: Low light. Small leaves mean not enough light. Burnt leaves receive too much. Water: Keep the potting soil evenly moist and do not let it dry out between waterings.

Temperature: This container plant does best when kept at 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but it will tolerate a wider range of temperatures.

Fertilizer: In spring and summer, fertilize the philodendron plant once a month once this container plant is established with half-strength liquid fertilizer. Do not fertilize in the winter.

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• Philodendrons are among the most popular, tolerant, and durable of all house plants.

• There are many different species of Philodendrons, each possessing it's own characteristics as to leaf size, shape or coloring. Some species climb while others remain in more of a shrub shape.

• What Philodendrons all have in common is their ability to survive neglect and adverse conditions.

• Most Philodendrons are native to the jungles of tropical America, and as such, prefer the medium light intensity they would have on the jungle floor.

• They will tolerate low light, but if there is too little light, the new leaves will develop smaller, and farther apart on the stem.

• On the other hand, direct sunlight will burn the foliage, and stunt the growth of the plant.

• Keep the soil evenly moist, but allow it to dry out between waterings. Keep Philodendrons slightly drier during the winter months, when the growth slows.

• Over watering will cause the leaves to turn yellow.

• Feed your Philodendron in the spring and again in mid summer with a liquid house plant fertilizer

. • The ideal growing temperature is between 75 and 85 degrees. during the day and in the 60's at night. Philodendron Plants will survive for a short time in temperatures as low as 36 degrees.

• Wash the leaves regularly to prevent the pores from becoming plugged with dust. 

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