Arishtha Organic Neem Plant Fertilizer

Going Greens Arishtha Neem Cake Powder is a natural fertilizer with pesticide properties. It acts as an organic manure and a pest repellent on all types of plants and soils.

It increases synthesis of chlorophyll pigments in the plant & act as a nitrification inhibitor and prolong availability of nitrogen. Protects plant roots from nematodes, soil grubs and white ants.

Going Green Aristhma Neem fertilizer also improves soil condition considerably and protects the soil drought during.

USAGE DIRECTION : Mix Going Greens Arishtha Plant food with potting soil in the ratio of 1:10 i.e. 100 gm of Going Greens Arishtha Plant food with 1000 gm of potting soil.
It can also be used as top up, remove a layer of soil at least 1 inch thick, apply 50 to 70 gm of Going Greens Arishtha Plant food evenly, cover it with removed soil and then water it to settle down. The effect lasts for 15 days, hence top up process need to be repeated fortnightly for 2 months and later once in a month for a better result.

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Going Greens Arishtha Neem Cake Powder is a natual and organic fertiliser with pesticidal properties. It is obtained from neem seed kernel and consists of natural micro-nutrients with adequate quantity of NPK in organic form for plant growth. It is an anti-pathogenic manure with antifungal and antifeedant properties. It improves soil condition considerably by restricting growth of harmful fungi without killing the organism, thus boosting the host plant's ability to deploy its own natural defenses and eliminates the spread of disease.

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