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Combo of Perlite (400 Gm) and Vermiculite (200 Gm)

Going Greens Perlite increases quality of produce, productivity by improving structure and texture of clayey and silt soils. Light in weight, freely flowing, easy to handle, permanent and does not rot or dissolve. It is an ideal soil conditioner; soil once conditioned with Going Greens Perlite is conditioned forever. Considering world efforts in conversing water makes the use of going Greens pertile in horticulture an ideal solution.

Going Greens Vermiculite is a natural mineral and act as a growing medium for all kinds of houseplants, bonsai and hydroponics. Holds moisture and Nutrients & makes them available later to plant roots as required. Leaves more room for the air in the soil so that the plant can breathe. Promotes faster root growth and quick anchorage for young roots.

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Going Greens Perlite for Gardening
Perlite is actually a generic term that we use for naturally occurring siliceous amorphic volcanic rock. But unlike other volcanic glasses, if you heat them above a point (8000-9000 C), they expand up to 20 times of its original volume.Perlite is used in potting mixes and as a stand-alone soil medium for plant rooting.It is ph neutral (around 7) and completely sterile,which is critical for rooting plant cuttings.When used alone,it provides perfect aeration and holds the right amount of moisture.Perlite can hold three to four times its weight in water,but never becomes soggy.And unlike soil or organic matter,it never disintegrates.

Going Greens Organic Vermiculite to Reduce Soil Compactions
Vermiculite is a natural mineral that is often placed in potting soil to enhance a plant’s growth by boosting aeration while encouraging water drainage.Not unlike perlite,vermiculite adds a plethora of nutrients to the plant, including calcium,magnesium,and potassium.This mineral looks like specks of grey and can easily contain large quantities of air and water.The nutrients, water, and air present in vermiculite are periodically released to the potted plant.This mineral is non-toxic and completely clean.

Perlite Vs Vermiculite
One alternative to perlite is vermiculite.Some gardeners prefer to use vermiculite over perlite because of their water retention capacity.Vermiculite generally retains more water so it makes them a perfect choice for seed starters.They can also absorb nutrients along with water.Vermiculite is a very good option if your plants need lots of water.Mixing perlite with vermiculite makes it a more balanced media.Vermiculite absorbs water and nutrients whereas perlite makes sure that the excess water drains away.They are more of a complementary to each other than an alternative.

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