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Garden Nutrient Kit (Pack of 4 Plant Care Products)

Pack Contains: Geolite Granules (400 gms), Aristha Organic Neem Liquid Fertilizer (50 ml), All Purpose Organic Plant Food (50 ml), Sprayer Pump (1200 ml).

Going Greens Nutrient Kit - A perfect kit of organic growth promoters and pesticide for your plants. All products and 100% organic & natural.

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Going Greens Geolite Granules coated with Humic Acid, seaweed Zyme, Plant Growth promoters & enzo rich. Humic acid increases the humus mass & increases the fertility of the soil. HOW TO USE : Going Green Geolite Granules have to be mixed with compost or soil and applied around the planet once in a month.

Going Greens Aristha Neem Liquid Fertilizer helps in controlling Fungal Diseases Including Black Spot, Mildews, Rusts, Scab, also Mites and Insects Including Whiteflies, Aphids, and scales.Dosage & Application: 3 to 4ml. of this product in one ltr. of water. On all crops, fruiting plants, flowering plants & Vegetables.

Going Greens Organic Plant Food Enhances phosphate utilization of plants. Stimulates root development and plant growth. It helps in buiding the immunity of the plants and making them free from the diseases and the insects.

Going Greens Sprayer Pump : Sprayer Pump with a capacity of 1200 ML. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor gardening. This can be Used to Spray Fertilizer on the Plants, Seeds and More.Fill in the Liquid into the Jar of the Spray Pump,Create Pressure by Pumping, Release the Pressure in Continous Form, by Pressing the Thumb Down.

A perfect gardening kit from Going Greens for all your gardening needs.

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