Geolite Granules 400 Gms

HOW TO USE: Going Greens Geolite Granules have to be mixed with Compost or Soil & applied around the plant once in a month.

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Going Greens Geolite Granules are rich in silica, calcium & iron which are very essential for the growth of crops, soil fertility, healthy fruits & flowers & for the immunity of crops. The synchronized effect of all these ingredients make these super granules much superior to the other granules offered in the market. Going Greens special Geolite Granules Coated with Humic Acid, seaweed Zyme, Plant Growth Promoters & Enzo rich.

Humic Acid increases the humus mass & increases the fertility of soil. It also chelates the natural NPK & trace element, present in the soil & Translocates to the Plant. Amino Acid serves as building blocks of Plant cells.

Seaweed Zyme contains Organic nutrients & trace elements. It also contains natural Gebrallin, Alginic acid & Bio Stimulants. Enzorich Contains microbes & enzymes which play important part in the growth stage of Plant & Crops. The absorption capacity of Geolite Granules is about 35%.

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