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Good Luck Air Purifying Money Plant in Ceramic Pot

Note about Natural Plant & Pot: The image displayed is for representation purpose.
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"Money plant as one of the best plants to purify air polluted with synthetic chemicals from furniture and cleaning solutions.

It energizes the home by filtering air and increasing oxygen inflow. It is recommended to keep one plant near each computer, television, or WiFi router.

Placing a money plant in front of a sharp corner or angle reduces anxiety and stress. It also helps avoid arguments and sleep disorders.

Money plants activate positive energy in our day-to-day lives. It is recommended to plant money plants inside the house as they bring good luck.

CARING TIPS FOR MONEY PLANT : Money plant should be grown where there is less sunlight or in shade. Do not water them every time. let the soil dry and then water. They can grow up to 10 feet if you grow them in soil. If leaves started turning yellow then stop watering for few days."