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Make Your Potting Soil Kit

Pack contains : Coco Peat Brick (450 Gm): 2 pcs, Organic Vermicompost(200 Gm): 1 pc, Aristha Neem Fertilizer (200 Gm): 1 pc, Perlite (200 Gm): 1pc, Organic Vermiculite (200 Gm): 1 pc.

Going Greens Make Your Potting Soil Kit - A perfect kit for all your gardening needs. Going Greens Coco Peat is rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and other necessary substances for farming. These properties have already made it a very popular medium for kitchen or roof gardening. Going Greens Vermicompost is an Eco-friendly, Non-Toxic, balanced nutrient source for organic farming It improves physicochemical and biological properties of soil and maintains steady soil fertility. Going Greens Aristha neem fertilizer helps in controlling Fungal Diseases Including Black Spot, Mildews, Rusts, Scab, also Mites and Insects Including Whiteflies, Aphids, and scales. Going Greens Prevents soil compaction, retains water, air and nutrients for superior plant growth. Ensures 100 % germination of seeds and root cuttings with very little watering.

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Direction to use : To mix up a batch of pertile potting soil measures out equal parts of pre-made potting soil, pertile, and peat moss. Going Greens Vermiculite is a natural mineral and act as a growing medium for all kinds of houseplants, bonsai and hydroponics. Holds moisture and Nutrients & makes them available later to plant roots as required.

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