Organic Vermicompost (Improves quality of soil & plant growth)

Going Greens Vermicompost is an Eco-friendly, Non-Toxic, Balanced Nutrient Source for organic farming.

It improves physiocochemical and biological properties of soil and maintains steady soil fertility.

It boosts overall growth of the plants and also develops immunity system in plants to fight against various microbial diseases.

Usage of Going Greens Vermicompost improves nutrient quality of the plant products (fruits, flowers, vegetables, leaves etc.) and increased its stability

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Going Greens Organic Vermicompost for Plants Fertilizer
The most significant benefit of organic vermicompost is that the nutrients in earthworm compost are very easily absorbed by the roots of plants. Unlike chemical fertilizers, organic Vermicompost is not easily flushed from the soil because of the worm mucus that it contains. Plants have longer to obtain the nutrients and get the maximum benefit.

Directions to Use : Take one part of Going Greens Vermicompost and mix it with three parts of potting mix.

The vermicompost for plants is fertilizer made by the standard cycle utilizing explicit types of worms. This cycle incorporates the change of natural waste into regular compost. The worms eat the natural waste and produce the granules by means of their stomach-related framework. These granules turn out extraordinary for any plant and increment soil quality by which the plants will get the supplements. For producing vermicompost, a piece of land with less space is required, and then agro residues such as husks, leaves, peels, stalks & weeds are mixed with the sand and then covered with another layer of sand followed by the putting multiple healthy earthworms into that. As time passes, these worms convert that mixture into the natural compost called vermicompost for plants. There are multiple earthworm species available, but for making high-quality vermicompost for the plants, Red earthworm species like Eisenia Foetida provide outstanding results. In this compost, a high level of macro and micronutrients available makes it the most feasible option for the growth of plants. If you know, you can make it at your home, but if you need quality, you can have the best option as Vermicompost by It contains a perfect level of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Its beauty that it suits traditional as well as modern farming. You can use it for a kitchen garden or in the wide-area farming space. At, it is available in two packings one is of 400 gms, and another is 5Kg.

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