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Podocarpus Bonsai, Podocarpus Macrophyllus, Ceramic Pot 4"

Note about Natural Plant & Pot : The image displayed is for representation purpose. Actual product may vary in size and pot color will be as per the availability.

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    "In nature, Podocarpus bonsai trees are evergreen shrubs (or trees.)

    They usually have straight trunks, horizontal branches and grow from about twelve feet to over 100 feet depending upon the species and location.

    Leaves have a spiral, alternate arrangement. Linear in shape, the leaves look very much like enlarged flat needles.

    Podocarpus is a dense evergreen with pointed, leathery, dark green leaves arranged on stiff, symmetrical branches.

    The fruits are fleshy and brightly colored.

    New needles start in a light green color that turns darker with age.

    Podocarpus can be grown successfully indoors in a well-lit spot.

    Prefers winter temperatures between 61-68F. Like most conifers, it has a tendency to dry out without proper humidity, and will prefer being kept away from dry heat.

    Keeping a bonsai in your living environment helps clean the air and brings life and beauty into any space. Care Instructions-Position: The Podocarpus will grow well outside, but can also be held indoors.

    Place it in a bright spot, protected from midday sun.

    Watering: Water regularly, the tree doesn't like drought.

    Feeding: Every two weeks in the growth season, when kept indoors also feed during the winter, though with smaller quantities and less frequent

    Fertilizing: Podocarpus bonsai love fertilizer cakes and fish emulsion. If grown indoors the odor may be too much; in that case apply a liquid bonsai formula every other week during the spring and summer and every six weeks in the winter.

    Note: Natural Plant & Pot: The image displayed is for representative purpose. Actual product may vary in shape or design as per the availability.

    Pot Size: 4"
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