Zephyranthes (Rain Lily) Flower Bulbs (Pack of 15 Bulbs) - Mix Color

This beautiful bulb has several popular names like rain lily, fairy lily and Zephyr lily, all talking about its magic. It's not a real magic, but it always surprises! Zephyranthes has an abundancy of blooms after every rain and the flowers are growing so quickly, they seem to appear from nowhere, like in magic made with a rainy spell.
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PLANTING TIPS : STEP BY STEP- 1. Select a pot that’s not too small so that several bulbs can be planted at the same time. Cover the bottom with a layer of pot shard or clay marble for better drainage. 2. Partially fill the pot with Going Greens Premium Potting Mix / soil and pat it down lightly. Next, press the bulb slightly into the potting mix. They can almost be touching each other. Place the bulbs with their flat side towards the wall of the pot. 3. Put additional Going Greens Premium Potting Mix in the pot so that tips of the bulbs disappear under the potting mix. Water the soil liberally to encourage rooting. 4. Keep potting mix moist; take care not to lodge the water.
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