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  • Did the job!

    It's good product - value for money, easy to use and on time delivery. It worked well on all my cutting as they all got roots. It also worked well in propagation through leaves.You just need to take care of other growing conditions when you use this product - like fresh cutting, humidity, light and temp.

  • Good and looks green bushy healthier plant

    After using a few months this is the feedback. Its is very good to plants to stay healthier. Little care is required. Plants grown greenery bushy and looks pretty good.

  • Works great

    Used on a big potted one that has not been bloomed for a long time due to lack of proper nourishment. Absolutely worked. Purchased again.

  • Good product for beginners

    For bonsai usages, the content amount of peat is too much. I suggest clay base substance to be added and more larger size of lava rock. It is ok for beginners. I use it as a mixer of lava rock and pumice, it is quite good for that purposes.
    Anyway i will buy it again.

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