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Going Greens

Combo of 2 - Bonsai Potting Soil Mix & Pop Soil

Combo of 2 - Bonsai Potting Soil Mix & Pop Soil

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It contains:- Combo of Bonsai Potting Soil Mix (800 GM) & Pop Soil/Leca Balls (2-8 mm) (400 GM)

Going Greens Bonsai Potting Soil Mix is 100% Organic and Best organic potting soil for bonsai plants. Maintains health of the plants, contains all essential nutrients. The trees, moss and miniature plants found in bonsai require specific care, including the correct soil mix. Soil that drains too quickly or retains too much moisture causes damage to the sensitive root system of the bonsai. Going Greens Bonsai Potting Mix ensures your small landscape has the nutrients, drainage and moisture retention needed for healthy and sustainable growth. Whether starting a new bonsai or transplanting older trees, Going Greens Bonsai Potting Mix connects you to nature through an ancient art form.


Going Greens Pop Soil is basically clay pellets made by advanced firing technology. It is a clay (soil) but made into round pellets for better results. Light weight exclusive clay aggregates is made from 100% natural resources. Manufactured with the help of technocrats in our own well equipped Plants which ensures best quality with effective cost thus making our product the best choice for your application. Going Greens Light weight pop soil or clay aggregates offers healthier and longer plant growth, development and beauty. It allows best aeration for the soil and maintains the ground level temperature. It has more absorbing capacity than others and retains moisture for much longer saving water resources. Mainly used as a decoration of top layer in pots. For drainage and water reservoir in pots or by mixing with soil as direct potting medium.

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