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Going Greens

Combo - Bougainvillea Bloom Booster & Flower Booster

Combo - Bougainvillea Bloom Booster & Flower Booster

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It contains:- Combo of Bougainvillea Bloom Booster (450 GMS) and Flower Booster (900 GMS )

Going Greens Bougainvillea Bloom Booster Multi Micro Nutrient Fertilizer provides all the essential macro and micro-nutrients in the soil and naturally improves quality of the soil for long lasting impact. It enables robust plant growth and makes your bougainvillea plant strong from the inside and visually lush & healthy.


Going Greens Flower Booster Multi Micro Nutrient Fertilizer  Organic Flower Booster contains essential micro and macro nutrients suitable for flowering plants

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