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Going Greens

Combo of 2 - Mustard Cake Powder & Arishtha Neem Fertiliser

Combo of 2 - Mustard Cake Powder & Arishtha Neem Fertiliser

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It contains :- Combo of Mustard Cake Powder (900 GMS) & Arishtha Organic Neem Plant Fertiliser (900 GMS)

Going Greens Mustard Cake Powder Natural Fertilizer for Plants Growth.  Mustard Cake Powder natural organic fertilizer is very rich in protein and applied as nutritious soil conditioner. It is rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium (NPK) and wide range of micro nutrients. It is a by-product of mustard oil extraction and is 100% natural. It improves soil structure and helps in improving fruit / flowering quality in plants. It is suitable for all kinds of plants - flowering plant, vegetable plant as well as fruit plant.  It also prevents many diseases and makes your garden plants healthy.


Going Greens Arishtha Organic Neem Plant Fertiliser  with pesticide properties. It acts as an organic manure and a pest repellent on all types of plants and soils. It increases synthesis of chlorophyll pigments in the plant & act as a nitrification inhibitor and prolong availability of nitrogen. Protects plant roots from nematodes, soil grubs and white ants.Going Green Aristhma Neem fertilizer also improves soil condition  considerably and protects the soil drought during. 

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