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Going Greens

Combo - Rose Potting Soil & Rose Booster

Combo - Rose Potting Soil & Rose Booster

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It contains:- Combo of Rose Potting Soil Mix (5 kgs) and Rose Booster (900 GMS)

Going Greens Rose Potting Soil Mix with Mutinutrients for Rose Plants. Ready to use, research based blend of essential micro and macro nutrients suitable for rose plants. contains garden soil, mustard cake, super phosphate, potassium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, sand, calcium, cow dung and cinder.. It drains well but holds onto moisture long enough for the rose plants roots to absorb it. Its antifungal property and enhanced aeration help plants to grow healthy.

Going Greens Organic Rose Booster, Organic Fertilizer for All Varieties of Rose Plants 100% organic Rose growth booster. Enhances branching and flowering in plant. Contains essential micro and macro nutrients suitable for Rose plants. Improves root development and helps plants to grow healthy. Helps impart original color to flowers and gives beautiful and bigger flowers. Suitable for all varieties of Rose plants. 

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