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Going Greens

Polymer Jelly Beads

Polymer Jelly Beads

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Going Green's Orbeez Water Jelly Balls, a versatile and vibrant solution for enhancing your home decor and engaging in creative play. These colorful water crystal balls are crafted from a special water-absorbent polymer, ensuring they are safe and non-toxic. Perfect for various uses, they serve as an ideal vase filler for lucky bamboo, ornamental plants, and artificial flowers, providing a unique and visually appealing touch to your living space.

Designed for both indoor plant growing and recreational activities, these water jelly balls can also be utilized as bullets in toy guns, adding an element of fun for kids. To use, simply soak beads in a water bowl for a few hours, and watch them expand into eye-catching balls. It's important to keep them out of direct sunlight to maintain their integrity.

Enhance your home's ambiance by placing these magic crystal water jelly balls in a glass, jar, or vase, creating a stunning focal point in any corner of your home. Utilize them as a flower holder, replacing traditional mud for artificial flowers, or infuse them with your favorite essential oils for a natural air freshener.

Going Green's water jelly balls are not just for everyday use; they are an ideal decorative accessory for special occasions like Diwali, Holi, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and more. The assortment of bright and mixed colors adds a playful and festive touch to any celebration.

Whether you're looking to beautify your living space, foster indoor plant growth, or engage in imaginative play with your children, Going Green's Orbeez Water Jelly Balls offer a creative and eco-friendly solution for a variety of purposes. Explore the endless possibilities of these decorative and versatile water crystal balls that bring color, joy, and a touch of magic to your home.

Weight: 20 gms

DISCLAIMER: Pot shown is only for display purpose and not included in the package.

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