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Rose Booster

Rose Booster

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  • 100% organic rose fertilizer. It enhances branching and flowering in plant.
  • Contains essential micro and macro nutrients suitable for Rose plants.
  • This rose fertilizer for flowering improves root development and helps plants to grow healthy.
  • Helps impart original color to flowers and gives beautiful and bigger flowers. Suitable for all varieties of Rose plants.
  • Direction to USE: To be added to rose plant with at least 6 to 8 inches of growth and healthy leaves and not to seedling/ baby plant. Water plant in the evening and let it absorb all water. Apply on the top of the soil around plant. Let it rest on soil whole night so that it gets dissolved in the soil. Next day, water plant again early in the morning. Repeat application every three weeks. Stop feeding once rose buds starts coming in the plant.

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